How to Prepare for CLAT 2024 Smartly ?

Prepare for CLAT 2024 

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) will be conducted for candidates willing to perceive their career in Law. To attempt this Law Entrance Test, the candidate should prepare thoroughly.

In this article, there are a few tips listed that will help the candidate in preparing for the exam and ace in his/her performance even without the help of any coaching. From the tips mentioned, the candidate will know which is the right time to start the preparation, which topics to focus on more, reference books that are ideal for the exam, and other useful information.


Before diving into the preparation tips, the candidate should know the exam pattern of CLAT 2024.

Exam Pattern For CLAT 2024

Category Details
Exam Date Updated Soon
Duration 2 hours
Mode Online mode, Computer-based
Type of Questions Multiple Type Questions (MCQs) from given passages

Number of Questions



Undergraduate Exam (BA LLB) – 150 multiple choice type questions.


Postgraduate Exam (LLM) – 120 questions.

Language English

Total Marks



UG – 150 marks


PG – 120 marks

Marking scheme



Each objective question (both UG and PG) will carry 1 mark. An incorrect question will invite a penalty of 0.25 marks.


In the PG exam, there won’t be any descriptive section

 Subject-wise Marks Distribution

Subjects Number of Questions Percentage Weightage
English (Comprehension & grammar-based) 28-32 questions 20%
Legal Aptitude 35-39 questions 25%
Logical Reasoning 35-39 questions 25%
Elementary Mathematics (Including Numerical Ability) 28-32 questions 20%
General Knowledge and Current Affairs 13-17 questions 10%

How To Prepare For CLAT 2024 Smartly?

The main purpose of writing the CLAT exam is to get admission to one of the 22 NLUs. To accomplish this, the candidate should begin his/her preparation well. The ideal time to begin their preparation is immediately after Class 11.

To excel in the Law entrance exam like CLAT 2024, the candidates think that they need coaching guidance. The candidates start assuming that without getting proper coaching, the candidate cannot crack the CLAT exam 2024.

The only difference between the aspirants who crack the exam and those who do not crack the exam is the candidate’s dedication to preparing for the exam. All the hard work of the candidate matters, not the coaching institution’s medication. The coaching institute can only guide the candidate but can’t do the candidate’s hard work.

CLAT Preparation Strategy 2024

The exam experts and toppers have provided a few tips to crack the CLAT exam without the need for any coaching centre.

Early Preparation

According to experts and toppers, the candidate should start preparation for the CLAT exam as early as possible to crack the law admission test. With early preparation, the candidate can complete their basics early, begin practising the test papers, and take mock tests. Check the best books for CLAT.

Prepare a Plan

To prepare for CLAT 2024, the candidate should have a proper strategy. A good strategy will help the candidates focus on the important concepts to crack the CLAT 2024 exam. Every candidate will have his/her own strategy to prepare for CLAT 2024 exam. All candidates will have different strategies and each of them should follow the one that suits them.

For example, if candidate ‘A’ feels comfortable studying at night, and candidate ‘B’ feels comfortable studying in the morning. In such a case, ‘A’ should not copy ‘B’ and start studying at night. Hence, the candidates should have their own strategy of preparation and follow the same. Also, the candidate should stick to one strategy because frequently changing their strategies will hamper their efficiency.

Exam Pattern & Clarity of Syllabus

The candidates should be clear about the syllabus while preparing for CLAT 2024. The candidate should go through the syllabus and exam pattern before preparing for the exam. With a thorough knowledge of the exam pattern and syllabus, the candidate will have an idea of how much to study for the CLAT exam. Once the candidate knows the syllabus, he/she will know which topics need more attention and which do not.

Clearing Doubts

One of the most important factors while preparing for the CLAT exam is to clear all the doubts well in advance. If the candidate has a small doubt, then he/she may choose an incorrect option, leading to a negative marking of 0.25 marks. Hence, the candidates should clear all their doubts before beginning their preparation.

Revise Regularly

Revision is the most important task for every candidate appearing for CLAT 2024 exam. When the candidate revises, brush up on the important facts; it will help the candidates remember everything thoroughly. The candidate should regularly revise to be intact with the latest information as well as be updated with the previous topics. The human brain has a unique capability to remember regularly revised topics for a longer period.

Analyze Previous Year Papers

The candidates should analyze the previous year’s question papers to understand the type of questions that will appear in the exam. by analyzing the question papers, the candidates will get an overview of the questions appearing in the exam and their difficulty levels. Download CLAT Syllabus PDF.

Take Mock Tests

Taking mock tests regularly will help the candidates in analyzing their preparation level. With mock tests, the candidates can check the subjects, topics, and questions that are difficult to solve for them. The experts and toppers have suggested that the candidates should take the mock tests as soon as they complete their basic preparation.

Time Management

A proper time management strategy is another important trait while attempting the CLAT exam. 200 questions should be solved in 120 minutes, so the candidate will have less than a minute to solve a question. Keeping this in mind, the candidate should manage his/her time to read. To manage time properly, the candidate should revise regularly, practice various questions daily, take mock tests regularly, and analyze his/her CLAT preparation.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The candidate will know his/her strengths and weaknesses very well. So, the candidate will better know which subjects they have a good command of and which subjects they need to focus on more. Once they analyze their capabilities, the candidate can improve their weak areas.


While preparing for the CLAT exam, the candidate should always be self-motivated. It will help them work hard and improve their skills on a daily basis. This will help the candidates to improve their confidence in reaching their goals. The candidate should also have faith in their hard work and continue with a positive attitude.

CLAT Preparation Strategy FAQs

Q). Can the candidate score well without coaching?

A). Yes, the candidate can score well without any coaching. The candidate only needs dedication, hard work, a proper plan and study smartly.

Q). When can the candidate start his/her preparation?

A). Soon after his/her 11th class, the candidate can begin their preparation.

Q). How important is it to revise regularly?

A). With the regular revision, the candidate can remember the important concepts thoroughly. Continuous revision can help candidates to remember the concepts naturally without striving hard.

Q). What are the total marks for the CLAT UG course?

A). The CLAT PG course will have 150 questions.

Q). What are the total marks for the CLAT PG course?

A). The CLAT PG course will have 120 questions.

Q). What is the mode of the exam?

A). The CLAT exam is conducted in online mode.

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