CLAT 2023 Exam Pattern

CLAT test Pattern 2023 is released officially by the Consortium of NLUs. The campaigners who are appearing for the forthcoming test must check CLAT 2023 test Pattern to understand the test more. The accomplished knowledge of the CLAT Paper Pattern for both the UG and PG examinations paves the way to success.

CLAT test Pattern contains all the important details about the test regarding the test structure, format, and mode. As per the rearmost update, CLAT 2023 test Pattern will remain to be same as the former time. Note the section below to know all the details related to CLAT Paper Pattern, important chapters,topic-wise weightage, test sections, CLAT Marking Scheme, and other crucial features.

The Consortium of NLUs releases and sets the CLAT Paper Pattern on its sanctioned campaigners preparing for the forthcoming CLAT must be well clued with the CLAT 2023 test Pattern. It easily explains the total marks, format, difficulty position motifs covered and CLAT Marking Scheme. In short, CLAT test Pattern 2023 is the most important companion that will help you to study the motifs as per their weightage in the test. There are 5 test sections in CLAT UG 2023 test Pattern, including

English Language
Current Affairs, including General Knowledge
Legal Reasoning
Logical Reasoning
Quantitative Techniques

Still, CLAT Paper Pattern for the PG test consists of two sections, similar as indigenous Law and other law subjects. As per the rearmost updates of CLAT New Pattern, the total number of questions in the undergraduate andpost-graduate examinations will be 150 and 120, independently. Then, you’ll get all the details regarding CLAT test Pattern 2023 for UG and PG Examinations, the marking scheme, andtopic-wise distribution. Stay streamlined with the streamlined CLAT test Date 2023.

CLAT 2023 Exam Pattern Highlights

Note the table below to get the main features of the CLAT New Pattern 2023. The campaigners must prepare CLAT Syllabus well to ace this test at formerly chance.

Components CLAT Exam Pattern 2023 Overview
Mode of the Exam Pen-and-Paper Exam (Offline)
CLAT Exam duration 2 Hours
CLAT Exam sections for UG 5 Sections
English Language
Current Affairs, including General Knowledge
Legal Reasoning
Logical Reasoning
Quantitative Techniques
CLAT PG subjects 2 Sections:
Constitutional Law
Other law subjects, including, Administrative Law, Jurisprudence, Tax Law, Environmental Law, Labour, Industrial Law, Law of Contract, Family Law, Criminal Law, Torts, Property Law, Company Law, Public International Law
Medium English
Type of Questions MCQs
Total Marks 150 marks for UG
120 marks for PG
CLAT Marking scheme +1 for every correct answer
-0.25 for every incorrect answer
Negative marking Yes

CLAT 2023 Exam Pattern for UG

Note the table below to get a introductory understanding of the CLAT test Pattern 2023 for UG. The campaigners must check CLAT Registration 2023 schedules to avoid missing the deadline of form submission.




2 hours – from 02:00 to 04:00 PM


Offline mode

Type of Questions

Multiple Type Questions (MCQs)

Total Questions

Undergraduate Course: 150 questions

Medium of CLAT 2023


Total Marks

150 marks

CLAT Marking scheme

Incorrect Response: – 0.25 mark

Correct Response: 1 mark

Subjects covered as per CLAT Exam Pattern

5 Subjects including Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, English Language, Current Affairs including General Knowledge, Quantitative Techniques

CLAT Paper Pattern 2023: Topic-wise Weightage for UG

As per the expert analysis, CLAT Question Paper for UG consists of 5 sections. The campaigners must note that each section has a different weightage. Note the elbow table to get an anticipated number of questions that can be asked in the forthcoming CLAT UG test. Check all the details for CLAT Admit Card.


Topics Cover as per CLAT Exam Pattern for UG Number of Questions Total Marks Topic-wise Weightage 
English Language 28-32 28-32 20%
Current Affairs, including General Knowledge 32-35 32-35 25%
Legal Reasoning 35-39 35-39 25%
Logical Reasoning 28-32 28-32 20%
Quantitative Techniques 13-17 13-17 10%
Total 150 150 100%

CLAT Exam Pattern 2023 for PG

As per functionary updates, the CLAT 2023 test Pattern for PG courses differs from that of the UG Courses. The below table shows the CLAT PG test Pattern. Go through the expert- recommended CLAT Study Plan and be prepared consequently.

Particulars Details
Medium of exam English
Exam Mode Offline
Duration 2 hours
Type of Questions MCQ
Total Number of Questions 120 Questions
Total Marks 120 Marks
CLAT Marking Scheme in PG

Marks for Correct Answer: +1

Negative Marking: -0.25

Total Sections

Constitutional Law

Other Law Subjects

CLAT 2023 Exam Pattern: Topic-wise Weightage for PG

As per the sanctioned updates, CLAT Question Paper for PG covers all the undergraduate position motifs, including Contract Law, Family Law, Property Law, and numerous further. It assesses the capability of a seeker to make legal arguments by gaining legal knowledge. Note the table below to get an idea of thetopic-wise weightage as per the sanctioned CLAT PG test Pattern 2023.

Subjects Number of Questions CLAT Total Marks
Constitutional Law 60 60
Other Law 60 60
Total 120 120

CLAT Total Marks

As per the former times ’ trends, the campaigners who are appearing for the CLAT 2023 must be apprehensive of the total marks for both UG and PG. As per the rearmost updates, the total marks for CLAT test 2022 are 150 marks UG, and the campaigners have to answer 150 questions in aggregate. Whereas for PG CLAT Total Marks are 120, and a aggregate of 120 questions will be asked in all. You must follow the stylish CLAT Preparation tips to get a good admission result.

Courses CLAT Total Marks Total Questions
UG Courses 150 marks 150 questions
PG Courses 120 marks 120 questions

☛ Also, check the previous year’s CLAT Cut Off in the top NLUs in India.

CLAT Marking Scheme

As per the rearmost updates of CLAT test Pattern 2023, the marking scheme for both UG and PG courses is the same. campaigners are awarded one mark for each successful response, and0.25 marks are abated from their total score for each incorrect attempt. No marks are awarded or subtracted for questions not tried. Note the below table to get all the details regarding CLAT Marking Scheme 2023. The campaigners can download CLAT Result online by using their login details.

Marking Parameters CLAT 2023Marking Scheme
Correct answer +1
Incorrect answer -0.25
Un-attempted question 0

CLAT Exam Pattern: Important Topics

The CLAT Syllabus 2023 for UG contains all the important motifs that campaigners must relate to prepare well for the test. The details of the motifs as per the rearmost CLAT test Pattern 2023 are tabulated below:

CLAT Exam sections Important topics
English Language Grammar, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension
Current Affairs, including GK Static GK (Arts & Culture and History) and Current Affairs for both nationally and internationally happening events
Logical Reasoning

Blood Relationships



Logical Sequences


Legal Reasoning General awareness of contemporary legal and moral problems
Quantitative Techniques

Ratios and Proportions

Basic Algebra





The candidates preparing for CLAT must check all the details for CLAT Important Topics to ace this exam with a good score.

Key Facts for CLAT Exam Pattern 2023

Note the below points to get an idea of the important points to flash back for CLAT 2023 test Pattern.

Passage- Grounded Questions- Four sections of CLAT, including English Language, Current Affairs, Legal logic, and Logical logic, will include passage- grounded questions. The passages will be around 450 words each. The logical logic Section will include passages of around 300 words each. campaigners will be needed to essay questions grounded on the passages. Check then and make a list of CLAT Books as per the expert’s recommendations.
Quantitative ways Sections This section will ask questions from graphs, short sets of data, pictorial, propositions, or diagrammatic numerical representations. campaigners must read the passage first to get answers by assuming the information and operation of fine operations.
Difficulty Position As per CLAT test Analysis, the difficulty position of questions will be of the 12th standard. still, questions in the Quantitative ways section will be of the difficulty position of 10th standard questions.
Chops estimated- campaigners ’ aptitude and logic chops are estimated in CLAT. There are no conditions for former knowledge of Legal education.
CLAT Marking Scheme Marking Scheme for CLAT 2023 is the same for both UG and PG examinations. 1 will be awarded for every correct answer, while-0.25 marks will be subtracted for every incorrect response. Note that the campaigners won’t get any marks for unattempted questions.

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