Importance of Self-Study in CLAT Preparation

Importance of Self-Study in CLAT Preparation

Importance of Self-Study in CLAT Preparation

Understanding the broader educational goals, it is not possible to learn and understand everything in the classroom be it online or offline. You need to devote time for self-study to meet the demands of the growing competition in Common Law Admission Test(CLAT). You should know that there is no magic formula guaranteeing exam success. To succeed, you need to work hard and work consistently and self-study is one of the crucial things you need to indulge in. Moreover, self-study is an absolute must if you aspire to Crack the CLAT examination.

It cannot be denied that self-learning does take a lot of discipline and can be difficult at first, but like any endeavour, with time it becomes easier. Self-study can be a very effective learning tool especially when you are preparing for a test or learning an entirely new subject matter on your own.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of self-study and resolve to make self-study a habit in the New Session.

  • Better Comprehension

Once your teacher has explained a topic, it is important to go through the same again. Indulging in self-study and revising the topic again help in better understanding. Moreover, it helps you to understand the basic concepts on your own. You can figure out the problems or difficulties that arise and learn to solve the same.

  • Effective Learning

Self-study results in active learning. It keeps you engaged. As a result, you are able to think more deeply about the topic and make connections between your learning. When you are engaged you are able to retain the information for long and remember it better.

  • Discover More

Another positive attribute of self-study is that it helps you to discover more about the topic. When you study on your own, you come across new information and things you were not aware of. This helps you to dig for more information and with that a chance to search more about the same, thereby helping you to learn more about the topic.

  • Solidifies Learning

Self-learning or self-study is an important skill. It makes you independent and helps you learn and progress without depending on the teacher. Though, there is no replacement for traditional learning with the teachers, working out an answer or solving a problem by yourself is not only more rewarding, but it also helps to solidify the learning.

  • More confidence

Self-study tends to develop your confidence as you learn independently. You are able to learn new things and without anyone’s help which gives you a boost and you feel more independent. As a result, you learn to tackle challenging problems on your own.

  • Develops Interest

Self-study gives you an opportunity to choose something you are interested in. As a result you are more interested to learn which can develop stronger study skills. Moreover, it keeps you more engaged in the learning process, thereby helping you to absorb the information in a better way. In addition, with self-study, you are able to go beyond simply learning from the textbooks.

  • Self-paced Learning

Self-study allows you to learn at your own pace. You can learn at your desired time and schedule. This also helps you to concentrate more on your studies as the chances of getting disturbed are less. Moreover, with self-paced learning you tend to understand at your own pace without having to worry about other students’ progress.

  • Conclusion

To conclude, self-study fosters effective learning by developing independent learning skills. It helps you make the most of your learning experience and helps learn and retain information better, thereby boosting your comprehension skills and improving your grade. Moreover, in today’s unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions continue to remain closed and online learning has become the new normal. Self-study is more important than ever today if you want to succeed and achieve your academic goals.

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